Dr. Virgilio Failla

Virgilio Failla is Lecturer at the University of Bath, UK. He earned his PhD at the Copenhagen Business School and spent a period as Postdoc at ISTO, LMU Munich.

Virgilio’s research focuses on entrepreneurship from an individual perspective and an organizational view, with a focus on the drivers of entry into entrepreneurship and start-up performance. Individual experience - particularly in the labour market – and the  determinants of the performance of new ventures are two of the main areas of interest. Also, while emphasizing the role of established organizations as fonts of entrepreneurship, a central element of Virgilio’s research is the matching between workers' characteristics and preferences, with their job. These themes, together with innovation, its management, the interplay between innovation practices and entrepreneurship, are at the core of his research.

Team 2021

Tobias Kretschmer


Jennie Humphreys

Jörg Claussen

Giulia Solinas

Tim Meyer

Joy Wu

Johannes Loh

Maren Mickeler

Sebastian Geiger

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